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Welcome to the Pioneer Challenge On-line Community website! As the movie Frankenstein proclaims “It’s Alive!” The Pioneer Challenge event has its very own website! We can’t begin to share with you the time and energy required in putting this website and registration system into place. For this year, it’s a collaboration of 3 different systems, so it’s not perfect by any means, and excuse the manual calculation requIred when adding up your donation. ┬áBut we know you can do it… you’ve got a degree from Marietta College? Please note that this website is our starting point. Figuratively speaking we’ve been handed the keys to a supercharged dragster immediately upon receiving our learner’s permit! We’re not quite ready for that and you probably aren’t either? As time allows, we will unveil different aspects and levels of the Pioneer Challenge website that we think you’ll find appealing and engaging. But not today!

If you’re reading this note, you’ve either attended or are interested in attending the 7th Annual Pioneer Challenge event. We think you’ll enjoy the 2-day event that continues to bring Marietta College alumni and supporters from all over the nation! Its primary purpose is to raise money for MC athletic programs, scholastic scholarships and the annual MC fundraising campaign. You determine where you’d like your donations to be applied and what team you’ll be representing in hopes of winning the Golden Musket award. This award is the culmination of the two days’ activities, and includes total finances raised and participants attending. But people aren’t flying in from all over the country just to play Whispering Pines golf course and make a donation to MC! This is a mini reunion located outside of Marietta. The MC coaches, administrators and staff also have an opportunity to “get out of town” and enjoy themselves in rural Northwest, PA. We try to change enough aspects of the event every year to keep it fresh and leaving you with a desire to come back and experience it again next year! We’re excited that you will be joining us this June 20th and 21st in Meadville, PA. Please browse the various pages describing the event as time allows…and we’ll plan to see you soon!

The Pioneer Challenge Committee

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