How to Register for the 2019 Pioneer Challenge?

There is a tab directly below the front page picture. Find the tab that says “2019 Event Registration” and click on that tab. If you are using your mobile phone for registration you will need to click on “Menu”and this will make all the tabs visible. The event registration tab will take you directly to that page. You will have to manually add all the items ie sponsorships, or donations you have selected and fill in the total at the bottom of the page where it asks for the total. When you press the “Submit” button you will again have to input the total that you just indicated on the registration page. This is Marietta College’s secure donation page. We have integrated 3 separate entities this year, a new website, a separate registration system, and the college donation processor so it’s not a perfect system, but we will continue to streamline the system for next year to make it even easier. If you have any questions either send an email to or call at 440-862-1762 and we’ll get you on the right track! Thank you for your support of our event and more importantly the student athletes who benefit from your generous donation!