2019 Rules


The Pioneer Challenge Rules:


This will be a 2 day competition pitting all of Marietta College athletic programs, and supporters against other MC athletic programs. The competition will include the following areas 1. Thursday night Putt-Putt Challenge, 2. Fundraising, 3. Golf Participation, 4. Golf Scramble Competition. Each of the events carries various point totals.There will be 200 total Team points awarded. First place finishes will receive 50% of the total event points, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 15% and 4th place 10%. The Team with the most points upon completion of all the events will be the Pioneer Challenge Champion and awarded the coveted “Golden Musket“ Award!


  1. Putt-Putt Challenge (20 Team Points): This is a fun individual event. Entry fee is $10/person and all attendees are strongly encouraged to participate! You simply keep track of your total score for all the holes and turn in your total score when completed. Team points will be awarded based upon the top 4 finishers. Teams can earn points from multiple place finishers.

2. Fundraising (70 Total Team Points):

Most Money Raised: The team that raises the most total money will win 35 team points. The other 35 points will be divided for 2nd -4th place finishes. Money raised includes golf registration, hole sponsor donations and misc. donations (does not include golf donation or main event sponsors).

3. “Attendance” Paid registered Golfers and non-golfers (60 Team Points): The Team that registers the most paid golfers and non golfers will determine the winner and receive 30 Team points! The other 30 points will be divided between the 2nd-4th place finishes. Players that are supporting more than one sport will receive points for both team sports.

4.Golf Scramble Competition (50 Total points )  The format for the Golf Outing will be a 2 person scramble. Two man/woman teams will compete against 2 man/woman teams from different sports programs. Each team member must use their drive a minimum of 6 times over the course of the 18 holes, in an attempt to level the teams and bring into play some “strategic team planning.” Teams will be paired against equal skill level teams (Using approximate golf handicaps submitted to The Pioneer committee). Each sport will receive 1 point for fielding a team in the golf event. Each winning team will receive an additional point towards their total. There is no maximum number of teams that can represent a specific sport. The total number of points will determine the winner and be awarded 25 points. The remaining 25 points will be divided between the 2nd-4th place finishers.

Golf Hole prizes:  (Individual prizes for the golf tournament and not included in the Pioneer Challenge Competition)

Closest to pin on drive (Par 3’s): Hole numbers 2, 8,11,17

Longest putt made on Green: Hole number 4, 12

Closest to pin 2nd shot: Hole number  9,16

Team points awarded in each competition will be added together to determine the ultimate Pioneer Challenge Champion for 2019 and winner of the “Golden Musket Award!”